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Green Cross Ukraine continues its activities within the framework of the international SOCMED program and makes efforts to helping families who find themselves in difficult life situations.

Social assistance is provided to the most vulnerable population affected by the Chernobyl accident, the rehabilitation of children and adolescents, medical assistance, professional counseling and psychological support for mothers with small children, large families, low-income families, as well as environmental education and upbringing, raising awareness in order to disseminate knowledge about a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and the implementation of measures aimed at environmental protection.

In addition to performing the main project activities, the organization receives a number of requests for help. One of these is an appeal from the family of Olya Dzyadovich, who is now struggling against serious illness - acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The little girl is only 7 years old and for more than 2.5 years she has been overcoming stages of the disease. It all started in April 2017, her legs started to hurt followed with fever. Antipyretic drugs only helped for a few hours. A day later, the girl turned pale on her face. The family immediately went to the hospital. The child was examined and leukemia was detected. They started her treatment in the oncohematological department of the Zhytomyr Regional Children's Hospital. Chemotherapy treatment was long and difficult, it took a year of inpatient treatment and more than 1.5 years of maintenance therapy. Every week it was necessary to come to the regional hospital (the family lives in a small village 120 km away from the hospital), to take tests and consultations by a doctor. On July 30, 2019, treatment was completed, and after 2 months Olya complained of a headache and leg pain. They went to see the doctor and conducted necessary examination. The result was shocking - an isolated central nervous system relapse. Again, it was the hospital ward and heavy periods of treatment and disappointing forecasts of domestic doctors.

At the moment, the girl is receiving treatment according to the anti-relapse protocol ALL-IC-BFM, the first chemotherapy block has been started. It is a very challenging and tough experience for the family, they are scared. Little Olya has not yet recovered from the previous treatment, and again she is under difficult medical treatment.

Leukemia and its relapses are also treated in Ukrainian clinics. But the circumstances do not allow further treatment of the child in the local clinic due to the fact that the relapse’s happened at very early stage and in addition the girl has a genetic disease. These factors significantly reduce the success rate of treatment. The family decided to start the search for foreign clinics. The Sheba Medical Center in Israel responded. They got acquainted with the child’s medical history and are ready to admit her for treatment. But the treatment bill for the family is extremely huge:

150’000-200’000 US dollars if a bone marrow transplant is needed.

Olya’s mother is a rural teacher who is now constantly with her daughter in the hospital. Olya's father died more than 10 months ago. Little brother is waiting for Olya at home.

Any help from all who are concerned and caring remains extremely important in this situation. There are no strangers' children, we all together, with our small efforts and support, can help save a life. On behalf of the family, we appeal to each of you for urgent help. If possible, funds can be transferred to support medical treatment for Olya Dzyadovich.

Details for assistance:

4731219109757603 Privatbank
4678089000246112 Raiffeisen Bank Aval

Beneficiary's Bank: Raiffeisen Bank Aval JSC
MFO Beneficiary Bank: 300335
Recipient: Olga Dzyadovich
TIN / EDRPOU: 2975109865
Account: 2620214208
Purpose of payment: Money deposit to the card account SKR 0449177100 Olga Dzyadovich

IBAN account details
Bank: Raiffeisen Bank Aval JSC
IBAN: UA643003350000000002620214208
Recipient: Dzyadovich Olga
TIN / EDRPOU: 2975109865
Purpose of payment: Money deposit to the card account SKR 0449177100 Olga Dzyadovich

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