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Green Cross to ensure sustainable development of regions and provision of targeted assistance for people

Green Cross Ukraine, charity organization continues to cooperate with partners and operates within the framework of the International Social and Medical Care Program (SOCMED) thanks to the financial support of Green Cross Schweiz, and also carries out activities within the framework of the international technical assistance project “EU4Youth: School Garden for Agricultural Entrepreneurship Development”, the purpose of which is to promote the expansion of employment opportunities for young people living in rural areas, including those affected by the Chernobyl accident and their active participation in society and the economy through the development of their advanced labor skills, organizational and entrepreneurial skills, promotion of promising professional competences. Assistance and equipping of ≥4 rural schools / educational centers with school gardens where it is supposed to transfer advanced organic agricultural experience and to open production incubators on their basis for practical training of rural youth on modern organic agriculture.

Green Cross Ukraine continues to implement projects under the International SOCMED Program, to carry out activities aimed at helping the population, families and children affected by the Chernobyl accident in Zhytomyr and Chernihiv regions and the city of Slavutych. Medical, psychological, legal and consulting assistance is provided. In the framework of cooperation, local residents participate in seminars and trainings to raise environmental awareness. Children have the opportunity to recover both in Ukraine and abroad (Hungary). With the support of partners, informational events are held to promote the Green Cross goals, among which there is improvement of health and social status of people, as well as providing assistance to the most affected sectors of the population - children, adolescents and mothers with small children.

To effectively implement the project, the Chairman of the Board, Executive Director of Green Cross Ukraine Yuriy Sapiga and the GCU team conduct regular visits to the regions and meet with local authorities, heads of village councils, administration of education departments and directors of educational institutions. During one of such meetings, the head of the Chernihiv state administration Gennady Polyak personally thanked Yuriy Sapiga for the fruitful cooperation in the area, constant support and organization of recreation for children from Repki secondary school and handed thank letter on behalf of the district state administration: “It is gratifying that Green Cross Ukraine helps children in our area. They do a noble and good work, promote communication and contribute to the development of children. It’s nice that our children and talented teaching staff led by the school principal are constantly on the move, experimenting, finding opportunities and participating in various development projects initiated and supported by Green Cross”.

As part of the work, GCU held the competition "School area - as an educational platform for modern safe agricultural technologies" together with partners in Ukraine, the National Ecology and Nature Center. It was aimed to select participants based on their applications and project proposals received from schools in rural areas of Ukraine who showed interest in project activities. As a result, the first schools were selected for participation in the project: Repki secondary school No. 2, Borzna specialized boarding school, Vishevitsky Lyceum and Selyanschinsky Sports Lyceum. Additionally assistance was provided to the Snovyansk general education institution in Chernihiv region.

At the moment, the project is being implemented in Chernihiv and Zhytomyr regions. Plans for next year include further work with partners in Ukraine with the involvement of beneficiaries from Kiev (NENC) and Kiev region. Procurement of the necessary equipment was launched under the first stage, as well as all purchased materials were delivered to the participating schools. To implement a splendid environmental initiative, educational institutions received seeds, materials, equipment, fertilizers - all that is needed to equip greenhouses and continue activities. In spring, students laid ecological beds in the courtyard of educational institutions so to familiarize themselves with the technologies of organic agriculture and entrepreneurship. Sowing campaigns were carried out, certain achievements and results were achieved. Monitoring and coordination of field work is ongoing. Trainings were conducted for teachers and students on organic farming as a method to improve well-being and develop a healthy lifestyle.

Green Cross Ukraine continues to make its efforts to improve wellbeing of people through attraction of not only donors and sponsors from abroad, but also local partners in Ukraine. It is planned to work with new partners and funds for the possibility to continue implementation of the current projects, as well as to develop new areas of activity.

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