Field visit in Zhitomir region to build further cooperation

December 10, 2015 Executive Director of Green Cross Ukraine, Coordinator of the International SOCMED Programme in Ukraine Yuriy Sapiga made working visit to Zhytomyr region.

GCU team visited the Zhytomyr Oblast Children's Hospital to discuss topical issues with partners for further cooperation within the framework of the SOCMED program and expansion of the activities. Chief Doctor of the ZHOCH Viktor Marchenko, as well as doctors of the hospital, among others coordinators of Green Cross medical projects, discussed gained results and achievements as well as difficulties that have arisen for the current year while conducting planned measures and overall activities. Vitaliy Zaremba, head of the pediatric surgery department, coordinator of the "Health for the Future" project and Lyudmila Kravchenko, a pediatric dentist, coordinator of the "Caries Prevention" project provided brief information on the work. Thus, during the reporting period in 2015 medical mobile team of doctors carried out all together 14 planned visits to the districts and 10 visits that required preparatory and organizational work. Usually mobile team consists of 7-8 doctors involved (surgeon, endocrinologist, dentist, general practitioner, immunologist, gastroenterologist, neurologist, ophthalmologist). They checked 2’615 children ("Health for the Future") and 477 children ("Caries Prevention"), 3’197 children were treated ("Caries Prevention") and 684 children respectively ("Health for the Future"), committed surgical interventions - 111.

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The six most dangerous environmental toxins in the world in 2015

The new Environmental Toxin Report 2015, published jointly by the Green Cross Switzerland environmental organisation and New York-based Pure Earth (formerly Blacksmith Institute) identifies the six most dangerous environmental toxins in the world.


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Green Cross General Assembly 2015

Mikhail Gorbachev was chosen to adopt the Chairmanship of the Board of Green Cross International at the organization’s 2015 General Assembly. This new role for the Founding President was voted by the membership in Geneva on 5 October.



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