Inauguration of the President of Ukraine

On June 7, 2014 in Kiev the ceremony of inauguration of the fifth president of Ukraine took place, where Petro Poroshenko took the oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people.

At the inauguration came more than 50 foreign delegations. The ceremony was broadcast in six languages. Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Oleksandr Turchynov closed solemn session of the Verkhovna Rada.

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The trip of GCU medical team

Together with partners from Zhytomyr Regional Children's Hospital on April 29, 2014, took place a trip of medical team of Green Cross Ukraine (GCU) in the village Begun’ Ovruchsky region Zhitomir region. A trip to a remote area was possible thanks to joint activities with partners within the International SOCMED Program, whose director is Maria Vitagliano (GCCH).

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28-year-overcoming of the Chernobyl accident consequences

28 years have already passed since the Chernobyl disaster. Over five million people reside in radiation-contaminated regions of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. The accident led to serious consequences in the economic, social, political and other life spheres of the population in most affected countries. Impacts on environment and ecological challenges that occurred after the accident on the 4th unit of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant resulted in changes in the territorial organization and resettlement, changes in lifestyle, deteriorations of health, mentality and cultural manifestations among large population and orientation of its social activities.In the 2000s, the international community has united their efforts to solve the Chernobyl problems, which are relevant until today and require aid.

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