"With nature in one’s heart"


This year Green Cross Ukraine organization together with its partner National Ecological and Naturalistic Center for pupils and students under the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports organized the "International Youth Eco-Camp" for children. There were 220 children, who took part in this camp. It was delegations from all regions of Ukraine, children from Russia, Belarus, Moldova.

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Green Cross helped one more family...

the griniks

The large family of Valentina Grinik lives in Zhytomyr oblast’, the third Chernobyl zone, in radioactively contaminated territory of Ovrutsk region in Ignatpil village.  Mother brings up three little children alone and she worries much about their health as children  are often ill, they have problems with thyroid glands, lungs and bronchi, cardiovascular system, complain of rheumatism.

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Social and Medical Problems of the Lutskys

gcu ph lutsky  15

Another family has become the beneficiaries of Green Cross, who received social assistance under the international program Socmed and projects Mother and Child club and Social Cooperatives.

Since last year, the family of Tatiana Lutsky (29) is a member of Mother and Child club in Zhytomyr region.

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