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Співпраця, розвиток  та досягнення Зеленого Хреста УкраїниThe Ukrainian Technological Academy that unites research workers, engineers, economists from different branches of science, technology, industry and education made a resolution as of 08.04.2013, Protocol No. 2 and elected Maksym Olegovych Tymoshenko a full member of the Academy in the department "ECOLOGY" with the title of ACADEMICIAN.

Maksym Tymoshenko emphasized that "The most important issue in the XXI century is ecology and global environmental issues that should be resolved not alone, but all together on a professional level. The conflict between nature and humanity reached critical scales that could disrupt life on the planet.

Currently we are in the ecological crisis. We need concrete actions and believe that through cooperation and common interests to develop relationships and partnerships between Ukrainian Technological Academy and Green Cross in Ukraine and other world countries we could create a new system of relations to overcome environmental hazards both in Ukraine and generally in the world. We can overcome global problems related to the environment only together with scientists and colleagues from abroad".

I am confident that together with Green Cross Team (GCU) and Partners I with honor and dignity will continue to develop, strengthen and support the undertaking, which was founded in Ukraine by my father - Oleg S. Tymoshenko, who was the Founder of Green Cross in Ukraine (GCU) and remains Honorary President of GCU, Academician, professor.

The environmental situation in Ukraine entailed us to expand our activity and to sign a memorandum of future cooperation and create joint projects between Green Cross and the Ukrainian Technological Academy.

The major aim of the Academy is to assist in developing and introducing new high-end technology, improving industrial, medical, educational, and cultural efficiency, ecological and social lines and projects. Today there are Doctors, PhDs, candidates of science, a considerable number of executives of important enterprises, firms and corporations in the Academy. The Academy also includes those who hold important offices in the Ukrainian ministries and departments and predetermine an overall scientific policy, namely members of the Parliament, heads of ministries: industrial policy, agricultural policy, economics, education and science, defense policy, state department of food supplies. The Academy has been increasing the number of its foreign members. They include: Rector of Budapest Polytechnic Institute, Vice-Rector of the Polish Technical University of Lodz, Rector of the University of Magdeburg, Vice-President of Poland. Academics worthily represent the Academy in Hungary - the President of the industrial community; in Germany – Director-General of the international group of textile and light industry "Lego", in Israel – university professors, in France – the President of a large chemical company, one of the founders of polyurethane. In the United States, members of the Academy are Professors - employees of large industrial firms, in Switzerland – Head of the National Science Committee. The Academy is properly represented in Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Armenia 34 Academiсians. These eminent scientists contribute significantly to promoting Ukrainian achievements of abroad.

The Academy received a number of offers to combine databases with the European International Technological Institute, that makes it possible to connect to the HUNTECH European database.

The Ukrainian Technological Academy actively participates in international conferences, in organizations such as UNESCO, NATO and others. The NATO Committee on Science made new offers to the Academy which allowed establishing contacts and relationship with many research organizations in the world. It received an invitation from UNESCO to participate in the World Congress on the results of the science behind the 2000 "Science for XXI: new commitments." UNESCO gathered at Forum 2000 scientists from around the world. The Academy received from UNESCO an invitation to participate in the World Congress that summarized science achievements for the last two thousand years and perspectives of its further development in the third millennium “World conference on science. Science for the twenty-first century. A new commitment”.  Over 2000 scientists gathered at the UNESCO forum.

UNESCO recognized the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Boris Paton, President) and the Ukrainian Technology Academy (Vladislav Nestorov, President) and included just them in the official Academies Science list published in «World conference on science. Science for the twenty-first century. A new commitment» UNESCO. Due to the invitation of the World Energy Forum with a wide scientific range of nine directions about the prospects for coal, gas, wind, nuclear and solar energy, environment, the laws of economics the Academy sent the report on its activities to Las Vegas (Nevada, USA).

The Ukrainian Technology Academy has been dynamically developing in all main strategic directions. The development, professionalism, consistent ideas and views of Green Cross Ukraine urge us to cooperate with the Academy, which allows increasing welfare, improving the ecological status and raising responsibility of the population to preserve the environment and enhancing the international authority of Ukraine.

The Board and staff of Green Cross, and personally President of Green Cross Ukraine (GCU) Maksym Tymoshenko would like to express their sincere gratitude to Vladislav Petrovych Nestorov, President, Academician, Doctor of Engineering, Professor of the Ukrainian Technological Academy, Academician Oleh Ivanovych Kharchenko, Academician Arkadiy Volodymyrovych Ihnatenko and all academicians, corresponding members, professors and staff of the Academy for their confidence expressed during the appointment and involvement to the activity of the Ukrainian Technological Academy.

We hope for our fruitful cooperation to achieve new results.

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