28-year-overcoming of the Chernobyl accident consequences

28 years have already passed since the Chernobyl disaster. Over five million people reside in radiation-contaminated regions of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. The accident led to serious consequences in the economic, social, political and other life spheres of the population in most affected countries. Impacts on environment and ecological challenges that occurred after the accident on the 4th unit of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant resulted in changes in the territorial organization and resettlement, changes in lifestyle, deteriorations of health, mentality and cultural manifestations among large population and orientation of its social activities.In the 2000s, the international community has united their efforts to solve the Chernobyl problems, which are relevant until today and require aid.

Green Cross makes its own contribution, realizing the International Social and Medical Care Program (SOCMED), which aims to facilitate resolving of the most pressing problems and to reduce the suffering of families and communities living in polluted regions.

Traditionally, this year Green Cross took part in the events dedicated to the 28th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident. The delegation from Switzerland, headed by the Director of the International SOCMED Programme Maria Vitagliano, came in Ukraine for this period. From 23 to 27 April, the group had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the activity of the National Environmental Organization Green Cross Ukraine, to observe ongoing projects andvisitinvolved families, orphanage in Slavutych and meet with veterans and liquidators of the Chernobyl NPP.

Slavutych City Administration in conjunction with Green Cross Ukraine held the IXth International Youth Ecological Forum, where scientists and youth discussed current environmental issues, presented their ideas and solutions to improve the environment.

The Swiss group had the opportunity to travel to the exclusion zone, to visit the city of Chernobyl and Pripyat and to gain information aboutthe construction stages of the New Safe Confinement. The mass media representatives also had afield visit to the exclusion zone (Vasilisa Frolova and Alexander Strizhelchik),"Radio Vesti", ICTV channel, GCU Team, volunteers and participants of the Ecological Forum (70 people).

In the night of April 25, at 00.23 Maksym Tymoshenko and Maria Vitagliano laid flowers at the memorial to Chernobyl Heroes. Thus, they expressed their solidarity and respect for the liquidators, who gave their livesduring the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant for the sake of humanity and safety. Maria Vitagliano and the Swiss group met with the liquidators and again expressed their appreciation and respect for the liquidators, who each year come to the memorial on the square to commemorate those who passed away.

April 26,GCU President Maksym Tymoshenko spoke live on "Radio Vesti", where discussed issues related to the Chernobyl accident and described the activities of Green Cross and International SOCMED program in Ukraine.

Mayor Vladimir Udovychenko and the whole administration of Slavutych, liquidators and local residents expressed gratitude for Green Cross International (GCI), Green Cross Switzerland (GCCH), Green Cross Ukraine (GCU), as well as the entire SOCMED Team for long-term close cooperation in addressing social issues, as well as the organization and active participation in the Ecological Forum.

Thanks to the joint efforts the aid becomes more effective and relationships are more active and fruitful. We are ought to remember that we always have a special responsibility to prevent destruction and to restore now the damage we have already done. We have an obligation to preserve life in its integrity and diversity and to maintain our planetary home as a healthy and secure abode for present generations and the generations yet to come.

GCU Chairman of the Board, Executive Director

Yuriy Sapiga


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