The trip of GCU medical team

Together with partners from Zhytomyr Regional Children's Hospital on April 29, 2014, took place a trip of medical team of Green Cross Ukraine (GCU) in the village Begun’ Ovruchsky region Zhitomir region. A trip to a remote area was possible thanks to joint activities with partners within the International SOCMED Program, whose director is Maria Vitagliano (GCCH).

The village is located in the north-western part of Ukraine, 170 km from Zhitomir and 240 km from Kiev. Locality is in the third Chernobyl zone, where the level of contamination with cesium isotopes ranging from 5.0 to 15.0 Ci/km2. Area of the village is 5'482 km2, population - 1'450 people, 309 of them - children.

Specialized medical professionals conducted the survey of residents of Begun’ for the last time three years ago.

On arrival the GCU Team (9 people) was met by the head of Begun’ ambulatory - Nikolai Melnichenko, with whom Yuri Sapiga (Chairman of the Board, Executive Director of Green Cross Ukraine (GCU)), discussed the assistance and cooperation, as well as ambulatory problems. Nikolai Melnichenko introduced Yuri Sapiga with ambulatory, and told about all the difficulties, which is experiencing a health facility for the past 10 years.

In ambulatory almost all profile experts are absent. This entails a lot of problems, which negatively  impact on the health status of the villagers. The absence of an obstetrician in ambulatory and ultrasound machine does not give women an opportunity to get on the consultations, surveys and as a consequence to have healthy and full-fledged children. Ultrasound machine got to the ambulatory already inoperative. For three years there was no dentist in the ambulatory.

In the village lives 34 diabetic. Apparatus for measuring the blood glucose level (glucometer) is only one in the ambulatory and not all diabetics can come to the test, because there is no test strips and needles.

From the words of the head of ambulatory Nikolai Melnichenko, for the proper functioning of health facility it is needed minimum of 10’000 UAH per quarter.

Since rural ambulatory has insufficient number of doctors, technicians and preparations for the last three years the villagers had no medical inspections. GCU medical team during reception in ambulatory of Begun’ examined 122 children, it was the children who, according to Nikolai Melnichenko, most needed in consultations, survey, treatment, and the provision of medical care.

The village administration of Begun’, its residents, as well as all the staff of ambulatory are deeply grateful to Green Cross Ukraine (GCU), doctors, and Zhytomyr Regional Children's Hospital for their cooperation and assistance.

Dmitriy Sapiga

Technical and information support, Green Cross Ukraine (GCU)


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