The opening of summer environmental health camp in Transcarpathia

Thanks to many years cooperation with partners of Green Cross Switzerland (GCCH) and Green Cross International (GCI) on July 19 the arrival of children and opening of Summer environmental health camp was held, which annually takes place within the international program SOCMED. Director of international program is Maria Vitagliano (GCCH), who with her team puts a lot of effort to annually hold the camp in Ukraine.

Team of Green Cross Ukraine (GCU) from January 2014 began preparatory work for the possibility and holding of camp for children who live in the 3d and 4th Chernobyl zone and have the status of victims of the Chernobyl accident.

In the camp, which this year will last until August 9 (21 days) in the natural ecologically clean highlands of Transcarpathia in therapeutic complex "Polonyna" in the village Lumshory participate seventy three children.

In the camp participate8 children from Slavutych, 30 from Bila Tserkva, 11 from Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, 19 from Zhitomir and region, 5 from Gorlovka.

In the organization of the camp took part: Yuriy Sapiga with GCU Team, coordinators from the regions, volunteers and teachers. The opening of the camp was attended by President of Green Cross Ukraine (GCU) Maxim Tymoshenko with his family. Solemn opening of the camp was held under the Ukrainian national anthem and accompanied by a concert of children.

All camp participants have the opportunity to undergo a medical examination and to receive treatment in accordance with diagnosis. Rehabilitation and wellness programs, comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation of children are developed and conduct by physicians who arrived from Zhytomyr Oblast Children's Hospital and also specialists from the State Institution Scientific-Practical Medical Centre "Rehabilitation" of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, who had arrived to assist in organizing and conducting the rehabilitation of children. All medical procedures are carried out with taking into account the structure of morbidity of children who admitted for treatment, as well as with the use of natural healing factors.

The main procedures that have been assigned: mineral water drinking, health path by uplink mode, physiotherapy, sollux inhalation, amplipulse, d'Arsonval, aroma- and ozonetherapy, taking baths with hydrogen sulfide water.

"Transcarpathian region, nature and forests are characterized with a high concentration of oxygen. In the forest air ionization of oxygen in 3 times more than in the sea air, and 10 times more than in the atmosphere of industrial cities. Ionized air increases the activity of respiratory enzymes, improves mood, relieves fatigue, helps to treat asthma, atherosclerosis, and endocrinological diseases", - said to children and all participants of the camp the head of medical part of the project Victor Turlik.

Thanks to the camp leader Elena Ivanova, was organized the work of volunteers and teachers of groups: Natalia Kuts, Nadegda Opalyuk, Svetlana Basova, Svetlana Dotsenko, Maria Dmitrieva, Natalia Dubinina, Ruslana Kostenko, Natalia Matiga, Elena Germanovich, Inna Tkachenko, Maria Parfenyuk, Christina Vasil’chenko.

Medical experts who participate in the project: Viktor Turlik, Tinea Marchuk, Vitaliy Zaremba, Viktoria Zaremba, Tatiana Osipovich, Lyudmila Kravchenko, Lilia Olshevskaya, Natalia Lazareva.

Parents of the children, as well as children themselves, who participate in the summer environmental camp, express their gratitude to Green Cross Switzerland (GCCH) and Green Cross Ukraine (GCU) for their financial support and coordination. In its turn Green Cross Ukraine (GCU) expresses gratitude to the management and staff of therapeutic complex "Polonyna", all coordinators from the regions, teachers, camp counselors, volunteers, medical staff and everyone who has made an effort to organize and successful launch of the project in the Transcarpathian region within the international program SOCMED.


Green Cross Ukraine (GCU)

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