Gratitude Of Families From The Eastern Ukraine

Back in July 2014 National Ecological Charitable Organization Green Cross Ukraine (GCU) has provided assistance to mothers with children who were forced to leave the city of Gorlovka, Donetsk region. Three mothers and five children took part in therapeutic environmental camp, which annually is held in Transcarpathian region, in the village of Lumshory, "Polonyna" health and recreation center. The camp brought together children from Zhytomyr region, Bila Tserkva, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky and the city of Slavutych (73 children).

Such annual camps for children are possible due to financial support and coordination on the part of Green Cross Switzerland (GCCH).

From October 15th to November 4th and October 22nd and 11th November 2014 (21 days) 5 families with children from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions and the city of Mariupol are undergoing rehabilitation and recovery in health and recreation center "Denyshi" located in Zhytomyr region.

Thanks to utmost care and financial support of Andrei Flekei, the project on provision of assistance to mothers and children from eastern regions of Ukraine has become possible.

Together with the Zhytomyr Regional State Administration, Family, Youth and Sports Department of Zhytomyr RSA and thanks to the personal involvement of Svetlana Gres the project of rehabilitation and treatment of temporarily resettled families was successfully executed on the base of "Denyshi" health and recreation center.

In the health and recreation center women with children were previously examined in order to prescribe the necessary procedures that health and recreation center  provides in abundance: balneotherapy (various baths); speleotherapy (treatment using fine aerosol of sodium chloride); heat treatment (mud therapy (peliodotherapy) and ozokeritotherapy); climatotherapy including 4 parts: aerohidrothermal, photoactinic, aero-chemistral, aero-electrical); vertical traction in radon water; complementary therapies (reflexology, hirudotherapy, aromatherapy, phytotherapy, Dead Sea salts treatment).

"Useful procedures, nutrition 4 times a day and good living conditions, - not everyone is given such a possibility"- shared her impressions Olga - mother of 3-year-old Elisha, - "We wrote a letter of gratitude personally to Andrei Flekei and his Family for financial support and concern to our families. We are able to get medical examination and treatment, live in excellent conditions and to be treated like a homely. We also hand Andrei Flekei our photos from health and recreation center and are confident that he will see them."

Women also expressed their worrying regarding other displaced persons who are now in Zhytomyr region. Up to date, there are more than 4768 people, including 1688 children, who were displaced from Luhansk and Donetsk regions to Zhytomyr region. Unfortunately, they are not able to receive treatment in a health and recreation center like this, in such condition like 5 mothers with children have.

The national ecological charitable organization Green Cross Ukraine (GCU) joins the words of gratitude of mothers and also expresses its appreciation to Andrei Flekei, Zhytomyr Regional State Administration, the Head of the Zhytomyr RSA Sergey Mashkovskyi, Head of the Family, Youth and Sports Department Svetlana Gres, Head of the Trade Unions Federation in Zhytomyr region  Nelia Palamarchuk, management and personnel of municipal enterprise in Zhytomyr Кegional health and recreation center  for children and the adult population radiation protection "Denyshi" Zhytomyr regional council for the assistance and the longstanding partnership.


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