Children's camp «Kinderdorf Senti» for internally displaced children

For the second year in a row due to the invitation and support of GHS Nonprofit Közhasznü Kft. and SENAT Aktiengesellschaft Vaduz children's camp in Hungary was organized for internally displaced children from the Eastern Ukraine. The project started last year and has been successfully implemented this summer thanks to the coordination support of Green Cross Switzerland in collaboration with Green Cross Ukraine with the participation of the local Ukrainian partners from the Department of Youth and Family Policy of the Zhytomyr Oblast State Administration and Services for Children and Families Affairs of the Kyiv Regional State Administration.

Within the framework of the project 39 children participated in the camp, who are displaced from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions and temporarily living in Zhytomyr and Kyiv regions. From June 26 to July 10 the children had the opportunity to recreate and recover, both mentally and physically in ecologically clean area 10 km away from the Lake Balaton in the village Gyulakeszi on the territory of children's recreation center «Kinderdorf Senti» in Hungary.

Traditionally, the camp was opened by representatives of the host Hungarian side, Executive Director and SOCMED Program Coordinator in Ukraine Yuriy Sapiga (GCU) together with a team of attendants from Ukraine.

Stay of children in the camp was interesting and eventful. Daily different activities, various trainings and creative ateliers were organized for children. Camp participants had the opportunity to relax and swim in the Lake Balaton. Also, various excursions were organized, hiking in the mountains, boat trips, visiting open-air zoo, horseback riding, travels to the city of Tapolca. Friendly football match was held between the children from Ukraine and local kids. Every day, sports and recreational activities were arranged.

During their stay children got lots of positive emotions and impressions, enriched their knowledge, improved health and found new friends.

Green Cross team is grateful to the partners and sponsors of the project, namely Gabriela Hasler Senti and Markus Hasler for the financial support of the project and providing the basis for recreation of children, SOCMED International Program Director Maria Vitagliano (GCCH) for its coordination, Dieter von Deichmann and Carmen Perfler for continuous support at all stages of the project. Special thanks to Christina and Bertalan Toth for the organization of all activities, trips and excursions, cultural programs as well as their care, which was very important and valuable.

Also we express our gratitude to the Lead Consul of the Consular Department of the Embassy of Hungary to Ukraine Janos Kollar, as well as the entire staff of the Consular Section of the support and granting free visas for the entire group. Many thanks to the partners of the Department of Youth and Family Policy Zhytomyr RSA and Services for Children and Families Affairs of Kiev RSA for their cooperation and assistance.

The work of pedagogues, medical staff, translator was of particular importance in the project and of all those who made efforts in the implementation of the project in Hungary.

It is important to hold such camps for the families and children who have the status of IDP in Ukraine. The project activities contribute to improving the health and mental state of the children, their cultural development. Common initiatives enable strengthening and evolving the partnership that promotes joint project in the future.



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