SOCMED Therapy Camps 2016

This year due to cooperation with new partners, "Eco Summer Therapy Camp" project was successfully implemented under the International SOCMED Program in Ukraine.

The project was made possible thanks to the coordination and financial support of Green Cross Switzerland (GCCH) within the International SOCMED Program led by Maria Vitagliano, along with the support and involvement of local partners in Ukraine.

This year, traditionally children had a chance to recuperate and take treatment courses in the sanatorium "Denyshi", Zhytomyr region (82 children) from 1 till 21 August and improve their health at the health resort complex "Polonyna" in Transcarpathian region (40 children) from 7 till 28 August. The Coordinator from Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky area organized a group of 30 children who participated in the summer camp, which took place in the sanatorium "Verkhovyna" in the Transcarpathian region.

All camp participants were examined and received medical treatment in line with recommendations of the doctors. Rehabilitation and wellness programs were developed for children and they got comprehensive treatment and health promotion with the use of natural medicinal resources. Following doctors’ prescriptions children took coniferous and diluted hydrogen sulfide baths, baths with herbs and sea salt, drinking mineral water. Also they underwent physiotherapy, inhalation, climatotherapy, pelloido and heat therapy, took ozocerite applications, took a course of therapeutic massage, they were actively engaged in medical gymnastics and swimming. Every day pedagogues and volunteers conducted various sessions with children aimed at improving their environmental education and raising awareness.

Wide range of environmental activities was organized for children having all conditions for recreation and relaxation. Children had the opportunity to stock their mind with knowledge on ecological issues, to improve health thanks to a well-prepared camp program aimed at developing children's care and respect for nature full of engaging environmental activities, excursions, workshops and round tables.

This year, cooperation agreement with the management of the sanatorium "Ukraine" (Vorzel) was signed with respect to recovery of children with the status of Chernobyl victims and who reside in the 3rd and 4th areas, as well as families and children in need of treatment and health improvement. 25 children took part in the project.

In Chernihiv region the joint school camp "Smile" was organized and held in Ripki local rural school for children, who could not afford to restore their health in the summer time. In total 130 children participated. The school management, parents and teachers expressed gratitude for the tangible support to families and they hope to continue cooperation in providing assistance to children living in the Chernobyl zone, and awarded Green Cross with Certificate of Gratitude on behalf of the school administration and parents.

In partnership with the National Ecology and Nature Center (NENC) we also have the opportunity to participate in the project aimed to improve the health and ecological education of children. This year with the support of the Ministry of Education, the National Ecology and Nature Center (NENC) 110 children from 24 regions improved their health and raised ecological awareness based on ecological camp at Ukrainian Children's Center "Young Guard".

We keep developing partnerships to help children and families in Ukraine. We are confident that through joint cooperation and support we will be able to continue to help and organize the recovery and rehabilitation of children in Ukraine in the framework of activities under SOCMED Program in Ukraine.


Thank you for your interest and concern for our organization.

We are open for constructive dialogue and cooperation, and we hope for your support.

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