International SOCMED program in Ukraine: future work and development of new directions

Green Cross Ukraine Team pursues its cooperation with Green Cross Switzerland (GCCH) under the International Social and Medical Care Program. Together with its partners it provides medical, social and educational assistance to people who endure the consequences of the Chernobyl accident and living in the 3rd and 4th Chernobyl zones.

Green Cross continues taking target measures in Zhytomyr region, Chernigov region, in the town of Slavutich and the surrounding villages, in Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky and Bila Tserkva districts, and together with its partners it proceeds to carry out activities in Kiev region. It is planned to continue rendering support to the Chernobyl-affected families who reside in the city of Bakhmut and Kharkiv in the framework of the Family club in Donetsk region (territory subordinated to the Ukrainian side). At the end of 2016 preparatory work and organizational meetings took place to seek for the possibility to arrange activities in Cherkassy region – new region, which is promising and relevant for people of this region and the further development of main directions in the SocMed Program (Family program module).

There were series of meetings and visits to the regions for activity planning, signing of contracts on cooperation and discussions about new ways to develop projects within the International SocMed Program headed by Maria Vitagliano-Terreri (GCCH).

The negotiations were held on the basis of the Zhytomyr Regional Pediatric Hospital. During the meeting, the Chief Doctor Viktor Marchenko, managers of health projects discussed opportunities to work in cooperation with Green Cross in the coming years. There remains the provision of adequate medical care for families, having the status of Chernobyl victims, as well as line up and providing with the conditions for the treatment, recovery and rehabilitation of families and children who live in areas related to the 3rd-4th Chernobyl zones, and who require special help and care. Upfront the plan for 2017-2019 was developed and approved for the medical team of doctors to conduct field visits, supported by Green Cross in the affected areas of Zhytomyr region.  New area has been added into the list (Narodichi – most affected by the Chernobyl accident), where besides the remaining seven regions visits will be made and medical examination of the local population, guidance to parents on the prevention and treatment of children will be done over the year.

Both individual meetings with coordinators and on-site visits and negotiations at the head office of Green Cross Ukraine in Kiev were held to maintain further successful implementation of the activities in the regions. Together they discussed the basic aspects and working processes to perform and manage activity within the Family Club and recreation campaign this summer. Among the new operation areas: providing assistance in the recuperation and support of pregnant women, mothers with young children. Yuriy Sapiga, GCU Executive Director, SocMed Program Coordinator outlined the importance to involve young mothers with small children. Topical is the provision of comprehensive care and, if possible health impovement of children and mothers, supported by Green Cross.

Also, there is on-going work on the development of social cooperation among the rural population (Social Cooperatives). We consider different directions to provide assistance for the population in the following domains: pig breeding, dairy farming, beekeeping, cultivation of berries and new races of potatoes and other. We hope that it will attract new partners and sponsors to motivate people to get involved into farming and, as a result, assistance to the population and improvement of the situation among families involved.

This year GC Ukraine will continue to actively develop the work in Chernihiv region. The Family Club's operation in the village of Repki (as prospects and plans – organization of rehabilitation, nutrition for children at the local school). It also remains relevant and important cooperation with the Chernihiv Regional Pediatric Hospital, led by the Chief Doctor Alexander Kareta. It is planned to develop health care unit and promote support in holding field visits of the mobile team to conduct medical surveys of local population (Chernigov, Kryukovsky, N.Siversky, Semenov, Repkinsky, Sosnitsky, Kozelets areas).

Development and strengthening of the SocMed Program activities is necessary. What is important is to find additional sponsors, as well as to conduct joint activities with government agencies, administrations, social services, health services and contacts with the public, which contributes towards efforts and networking so that to achieve the best results in providing assistance to the population living in the 3rd - 4th Chernobyl zones.

Implementation of the scheduled work and targets is possible with the support and coordination of Green Cross Switzerland (GCCH). We appreciate long-term cooperation and assistance from GCCH as our major partner. Special thanks to Nathalie Gysi, GCCH Executive Director and Maria Vitagliano-Terreri,International Program Director Social and Medical Care and the whole SocMed Team for the effort and commitment they contribute for a long and successful implementation of the SocMed Program in Ukraine and in other partner countries of Green Cross family. All beneficiaries, families and children express sincere and warmest gratitude for the assistance received from Green Cross and hope for further support.

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