EarthX 2018

April 19-22, in Dallas, Texas, EarthX hosted meetings of non-governmental environmental organizations, leaders and businessmen. The idea of ​​this format to celebrate the Earth Day belongs to businessman, philanthropist and environmentalist Trammel S. Crow, who annually brings together a number of representatives of government and business, non-profit organizations, scientists and world leaders to discuss issues related to climate change and finding solutions. Together on EarthX in Fair Park, the ecological community networked, educated, and established new partnership. EarthX inspired and stimulated a global conversation and communication through numerous ways to foster a sustainable future. Thanks to the initiative of Trammel S. Crow and non-governmental organization Global Green there were opportunities for development and partnership among organizations.

A great idea and the EarthX program which unite representatives of governmental and constituent non-profit organizations and leaders allowed us to participate in discussions and exchange experiences.

At the event, the work of the Green Cross International was actively presented. Numerous national organizations of the Green Cross family came to support the event: Green Cross Australia, Green Cross Italy, Green Cross Brazil, Green Cross Ghana, Green Cross France and Territories, Green Cross Sweden, Green Cross Switzerland and Global Green USA.

Nathalie Gуsi, Secretary General of GCI spoke to a wide audience, presenting the work through the main Green Cross programs and highlighted future activities and further vision for the development.

The visit to the US of representatives from Ukraine was financially supported by GCI. We are very grateful for coordination support which was provided by GCCH and GCI.

The opportunity to participate in the event also made it possible to get acquainted with new interesting people and introduce innovative proposals, exchange experiences and ideas. Thanks to the initiative and the events, there were opportunities for development and partnership among organizations, Yuriy Sapiga, founder of GCU, Executive Director, said in his speech and mentioned during the meetings.

In his speech, Yuriy Sapiga presented the international Social and Medical Care program (SocMed), directed by Maria Vitagliano (GCCH) and spoke about the activities within therapeutic camps and family clubs for children, youth and adults affected by the Chernobyl and Fukushima accident, as well as orthopedic aid to children in Vietnam affected by Agent Orange.

Overall, about 9 million people around the world, especially children, die each year as a result of toxins in the environment. This is almost three times higher than the fatal cases caused by malaria and 14 times higher than those caused by HIV/AID.

As part of the Green Cross international program, Social and Medical Care at the cost of $ 1 million per year (in the framework of activities for all partner countries and GC offices) - 50,000 people receive social and medical support annually, as well as very important knowledge and consultations on the way to survive in environmental pollution.

Climate change is a global challenge that should be discussed first of all with scientists and influential politicians and businessmen. We believe that only innovative methods, smart technologies and of additional resources will help countries become more sustainable and independent.

Thus, the Green Cross is focusing its efforts not only on issues related to conservation but also on supporting and improving the living conditions of children, youth and families and their well-being.

Children are our future and for the sake of continuing life on Earth, we are ought to do everything possible to ensure that our children, our grandchildren live in clean cities and villages and are not endangered by environmental and other man-made disasters.

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