General Assembly January 2010

1_logoDear Mikhail Sergeevich,
Dear Mr. Kulczyk,
Dear Mr. Likhotal,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Friends,

First of all I would like to thank you and GCI administration for such possibility to take part in General Assembly.
I would like to highlight several points of SOCMED program projects, which we realize in Ukraine. I will not tell you about difficulties and problems which touched our organization in 2009. I am convinced that there are always some difficulties in each organization. So, I will highlight only the main points.
We have been realizing SOCMED program in Ukraine since 2000. Programs and projects are aimed not only at the improvement of health state of the population, especially children, teenagers and families, who live in the most polluted areas.

Our projects are:
•    Eco Summer Therapy Camp
•    International Eco Camp
•    Caries Prevention
•    Health for the Future
•    Mother and Child clubs (4 regions)
•    Social Cooperatives
•    Training for Trainers. School of Volunteers
•    Information and Publication
•    Development of GCU

I am grateful to Green Cross Switzerland for its support in realization of SOCMED program. We managed to continue our activity and we helped many families, children from orphanages and large families.

In 2009 we welcomed some new founding members of GCU. We hope they will attract new sponsors and donors in the future. Financial support is very important factor of life in any organization.

It is impossible to talk about development of an organizational without its financial possibilities, investment and support.

There are definite laws – Laws of development of organization and all of you know them very well. All living beings on the Earth and human being as a part of nature obey natural laws. A person himself creates artificial laws, which regulate his activity as a social creature. If you withdraw the principle of stability from activities of an enterprise, then it will come to anarchy and collapse. If we exclude the principle of development, it will be also ruined. Self-preservation is achieved through a skillful combination of stability and development. The Law of awareness suggests that the efficiency of an organization depends on the degree of awareness of its staff. If the awareness of workers about true state of affairs is low, then you will not manage to adopt and implement the necessary decisions.

I am particularly convinced that an organization can develop in the second stage and stay on it for a long time only due to strong leader.

World community tries to solve problems of human development on the basis of global MDGs, among which are ecological safety and environmental protection, improvement of mothers’ health and reducing of children’s mortality, achievement of gender equality - all these factors are one of the most important for the humanity. However, simple human values, such as family welfare, peace, harmony with the environment are also crucial one. The year 2009 was difficult for all of us. It was connected with the world crisis and the inner economical and political problems of our country. We think that it is necessary to pay more attention to the awareness of the activities of an organization and to attract state authorities, business structures of all levels, private sector to the mutual cooperation. It is more efficient to use the image gained during all these years, to attract only experienced specialists in the field of fundraising.

On behalf of beneficiaries, our partners in regions let me take this opportunity to thank GCCH team, Mr. Likhotal, Adam Konushevskiy for their assistance in development of business relationship between GCU and Colgate-Palmolive Ukraine, Co.. It helped a lot in realization of our projects. In 2009 Colgate-Palmolive Ukraine, Co. provided 30 000 items of goods, which amounted to approximately $ 60 000. All the goods (for oral hygiene) were given to support SOCMED projects in 4 regions of Ukraine. These goods were delivered to children, orphans, boarding schools, large families, people suffered from Chernobyl catastrophe and those, who live in ecologically unfavorable regions of Ukraine. During all these years due to support and coordination of GCCH, thousands of families and children of Ukraine got social and medical help. This year it will be 10 year anniversary of our co-operation and partnership with GCCH. It means a lot.

In conclusion I would like to wish you success and new opportunities in cooperation.

Thank you for your attention!

Yuriy Sapiga
Chairman of the Board GCU, Executive Director

Thank you for your interest and concern for our organization.

We are open for constructive dialogue and cooperation, and we hope for your support.

The National Ecological charitable organization“GREEN CROSS UKRAINE”


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