The program of social, medical and educational assistance in Ukraine 2000-2019.

International SOCMED program in Ukraine seeks to encourage the growth of self-help and responsibility of the population in the field of health care, assistance in provision of medical services, environmental education

SOCMED in Ukraine is aimed at creating the responsibility of the country's population for the future of children, their physical and spiritual health

The program provides for the mastery of self-help methods in order to provide people with the opportunity to find their own solutions and take effective actions

Within the framework of the international SOCMED program, Green Cross promotes the provision of rehabilitation, treatment and preventive measures for children, adolescents, mothers with small children and provides environmental education and upbringing in order to disseminate knowledge about a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and environmental protection.


SOCMED deals with the multi-factor consequences of disasters in a complex social and natural environment

To increase efficiency, the program integrates 3 approaches:

  • Medical
  • Social
  • Educational

Green Cross Ukraine projects within the SOCMED program:

  • Therapy Camp: psychological rehabilitation, recuperation and treatment of children from environmentally unfavorable regions of Ukraine affected by the Chernobyl accident
  • International Ecological and Educational Camp: exchange of creative and professional experience among young people, volunteers, teachers; fostering an active lifestyle and the basics of a healthy lifestyle
  • Caries Prevention (Zhytomyr Regional Children's Hospital): reducing the prevalence of caries among children, health education in schools and kindergartens
  • Health for the Future (Zhytomyr Regional Children's Hospital): improving the provision of medical care for children with chronic diseases, outpatient and inpatient treatment, as well as social and psychological support for children living in crisis, dysfunctional families
  • Mother and Child Clubs and Social Cooperatives (6 regions): strengthening the institution of the family, improving the well-being of children and mothers, support to large families, provision of medical, psychological and social assistance to vulnerable categories of the population
  • Training for Trainers. School of Leader, volunteers: environmental education, involving children and youth in active socially useful activities, promoting the development of their creative potential, supporting the volunteer movement, promotion of a healthy lifestyle
  • Information and Publication: information support on environmental education and a healthy lifestyle for children, adolescents and families living in ecologically unfavorable regions of Ukraine
  • Organization Development: establishing new useful contacts with partners and sponsors that enhance the activities of organization members in public and private projects in the field of health improvement and welfare of the population

Target groups, beneficiaries:

  • children and adolescents with chronic diseases caused by the consequences of the Chernobyl accident and as the result of permanent residence in the contaminated area
  • children and adolescents born in the families of the liquidators of the Chernobyl accident
  • children from single-parent families, children from large families
  • poor and single-parent families
  • families and children living in ecologically unfavorable regions of Ukraine
  • the most vulnerable sections of the population, internally displaced persons (IDPs), families and children who were fled their homes and places of residence (Donetsk and Lugansk regions) in order to avoid the consequences of armed conflict in eastern Ukraine
  • children and adolescents, orphans and half-orphans, whose parents tragically died during the anti-terrorist operation in the east of the country
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