Deliverables under the EU4Youth "School Garden" Project in Ukraine

Within the framework of the project "EU4Youth:" School Garden "for the agricultural entrepreneurship" Green Cross Ukraine continues to work and cooperate with partners in the Zhytomyr region, jointly develops business incubators on school grounds. The work of the pupils of the Selyanschinsky Sports Lyceum in the classes that are held in the area of ​​closed farming allows them to acquire practical skills in the field of vegetable growing, students start loving agriculture, such activity introduces and enables high school students to conduct scientific research and even earn certain funds. Experiments are performed by students according to the plan, they have an educational and production orientation.

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We strengthen cooperation

Within the European Union's international technical assistance project of "School Garden", which aims to create a network of production incubators for modern entrepreneurship, professional and social growth of young people in needy rural settlements, Green Cross Ukraine facilitates cooperation with the National Ecology and Nature Center of student youth under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

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We introduce knowledge into business

Green Cross Ukraine, together with the National Ecology and Nature Center (NENC), partners in the Zhytomyr and Chernihiv regions, continue to implement the EU4Youth: School Garden for the Development of Agricultural Entrepreneurship project, funded by the European Union.

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SOCMED 2021 - to improve well-being and promote health

Green Cross Ukraine pursues the implementation of the SOCMED International Program in Ukraine. The coordination and financial support of the Green Cross Switzerland (GCCH) is very important for the continuation of the program and projects. Health improvement of children and mothers, provision of effective and timely medical care, training, environmental education, capacity building of local communities in the regions affected by the Chernobyl accident, through the dissemination of knowledge and experience in organic farming, food safety, solution of sanitary and water issues, the use of alternative energy sources remains relevant in the work of the organization.

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Children's health is our main concern

Everyone needs to take good care of health throughout a life. Maintaining and improving health is an important part of the work carried out by the Green Cross in Ukraine under the international SOCMED program with the financial and coordination support of the Green Cross Switzerland. One of the main tasks is to raise a healthy younger generation. In recent years, the state of health of children has been constantly deteriorating, therefore it is extremely important to create conditions that ensure their social well-being, physical and mental health.

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Rural school is an open educational platform within the "School Garden" project

In order to increase the organizational capacity of school business incubators, as well as to develop skills and disseminate knowledge among student youth and teachers, classes, practical trainings and online lectures in the field of modern organic agriculture and entrepreneurship are being actively carried out. The first study tours of groups from neighboring district educational institutions are organized to visually learn more about the processes of growing organic products, the technologies used and the difficulties that schools face while implementing promising business ideas and startups that include a social component in their activities.

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Chernobyl - 35th Anniversary of the World Catastrophe

Dear and respected veterans,
Dear liquidators and residents of the legendary and unique city of Slavutych,

Since 1999, we have been invited to take part in the city's events dedicated to the Chernobyl days to commemorate the tragedy that happened on April 26, 1986 near the city of Pripyat.
However, for more than 10 years no one has invited us, but it is our pure wish to come and visit with our partners from different countries and friends.

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Helping Hand

The conflict in Ukraine has forced thousands of people to flee their homes and seek refuge elsewhere. In connection with the current situation, the government of Ukraine is carrying out coordination work, providing social support and protection, medical assistance, social and psychological rehabilitation. IDPs receive assistance primarily from local authorities and public organizations. There is an urgent need to continue to address issues related to housing, provision of food, hygiene, clothing, employment assistance, as well as informing and consulting on possible assistance to IDPs and legal assistance, in particular in the restoration and processing of documents.

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EU4Youth “Network of Business Incubators “School Garden”

One of the main tasks of modern education is the acquisition of relevant knowledge and practical skills to realize one’s capabilities in the face of constant and rapid changes. A promising area of activity is entrepreneurship in the field of organic farming.

An example of successful work in the Zhytomyr region is the Vyshevitsky Lyceum, which was identified as the pivotal educational institution in the implementation of the EU4Youth project “Network of Business Incubators “ School Garden”. Within the framework of the project, thanks to the support of the donor and partners, a 260 sq.m. greenhouse was built, which serves as a platform for obtaining practical training and improving production skills in the preparation of graduates and obtaining blue-collar occupations, as well as obtaining additional material resources to improve material and technical base of the Lyceum and its cooperation with other educational institutions.

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