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Deliverables under the EU4Youth "School Garden" Project in Ukraine

Within the framework of the project "EU4Youth:" School Garden "for the agricultural entrepreneurship" Green Cross Ukraine continues to work and cooperate with partners in the Zhytomyr region, jointly develops business incubators on school grounds. The work of the pupils of the Selyanschinsky Sports Lyceum in the classes that are held in the area of ​​closed farming allows them to acquire practical skills in the field of vegetable growing, students start loving agriculture, such activity introduces and enables high school students to conduct scientific research and even earn certain funds. Experiments are performed by students according to the plan, they have an educational and production orientation.

The ability of children to prepare the ground for planting seeds, seedlings, dive plants, carry out proper watering, conduct research will be useful in their future life. By their labor, they provided the school educational and experimental land plots with cabbage seedlings, flower beds with flower seedlings.

Currently, the greenhouse of the educational institution is still harvesting cucumbers, more than 250 liters of which have already been canned in the school cafeteria. There is a good result of growing eggplants, they have grown fruits weighing about 1 kg, the largest eggplant weighed 1 kg 289 gr.

Vegetables go to the school cafeteria, the surplus is sold to those who wish to buy fresh products. But the young agronomists received their main income from the sale of seedlings - vegetables and flowers, which were grown in the early spring.

While working in the greenhouse and on the school grounds, students learn entrepreneurship and the basics of management already in their village school. Progressive teachers of the Selyanschinsky Sports Lyceum named after the ATO heroes oAlexander Golyachenko and Dmitry Litvinchuk develop the younger generation's understanding of the practical aspects of financial issues that contribute to the increase of leadership initiatives, the ability to operate successfully in a technological, rapidly changing environment. Indeed, in our modern life it is necessary to be aware of many things.






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