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International Technical Assistance Project EU4Youth “School Garden”

At the coordination meeting participants discussed deliverables and strategies of the project implementation in the participating countries: Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova. Representatives from three countries were invited to the workshop.
The results of the previous work and the project implementation strategy for each country were the main objective for the meeting and further coordination.
V. Shevtsov (Belarus) told about:
- the main activities of the project for 2020-2022;
- changes in the logical framework;
- project indicators;
- stages of project development by years;
- piloting incubators and developing local markets and communities;
- capacity building of schools

And also on the project of creating a children's camp (program of the camp, stay in it, activities for children).
N. Svyatkina (Belarus) spoke about the idea of "Educational tourism - through the network of "School Gardens" and new perspectives.
V. Pustoshilo (Belarus) presented the project activity in Belarus and shared achievements in partnership with the schools. Contest between schools in Vitebsk, Gomel and Minsk regions, attended by 28 schools of Belarus, which are further active participants in the School Garden network.
The main goals and directions of the project, youth education and major events that took place in 2019 were the main topics of our meeting.
The following activities were planned:
- competition for startups by young people;
- promotion of small business development in rural areas;
- promoting the local cooperation;
- promotion of joint marketing and cooperation with retail networks;
- new areas of activity and prospects for cooperation through expansion of project activity.
All participants expressed their views and shared their ideas on development and cooperation.
O. Popova and A. Klindyuk (Belarus) - presented financial and narrative reports, provided comments and wishes regarding the annual report and the preparation of the primary accounting documents. During the coordination meeting, the main activities planned for 2020 - 2022 were also discussed.
Y. Sapiga spoke about the activities and possible prospects for the project.
In Ukraine the continuation of School Garden project activity in Chernihiv, Zhytomyr, Kyiv region is only the first step for the development of the project for the whole of Ukraine. Extension of the project is possible with the support of partners.
Y. Sapiga made a presentation and noted the main points about risk in the project and making the necessary additions and changes both in the project itself and specifically in the activity in Kyiv region.
Specific actions and experiences with partners in 2019 in target schools were as follows:
- Vyshevitsky Lyceum (Zhytomyr Oblast) - 260 sq.m. greenhouse was purchased and installed (but installation work is still underway), seed potatoes were planted, school work with students was held (trainings, lectures, practical classes). Raising funds by the local community to assist project implementation.
- Borznyanska specialized boarding school (Chernihiv region) - drip irrigation was purchased, installed and laid and a new garden was planted; consultations, practical classes with schoolchildren on experimental sites were held.
- Seleschanskiy Sports Lyceum (Zhytomyr region) - preparatory works were carried out to prepare a place for mounting a greenhouse, renovated garden, seed potatoes were planted, work and seminars and trainings were conducted for young people at the school.
- Repki school (Chernihiv region) - the territory for the greenhouse was prepared, seed potatoes and varieties of tomatoes were planted, production (tomato juice) and 2 trainings were conducted with young people and teachers.
The search for partners and school territory in Kiev region is being continued. The partnership with the National Ecology and Nature Center for Youth is considered for the implementation of the School Garden project in Kiev region and its greater promotion throughout Ukraine. Recommendations from the Ministry of Education were received and sent to GC Belarus to V. Shevtsov, the Head of the organization and project manager.
Y. Sapiga shared the experience of the entire Team in Ukraine.
It was noted that without the support of small businesses and stakeholders and through establishing new connections with business partners, it would be very difficult to continue working in schools on their own. Collaboration with agribusinesses and entrepreneurs can support and further implementation of the project.
Andriana Velissingi (Moldova) - made a presentation of the project development and further perspectives of a rural school with kindergartens and ecocenters in Criuleni and Stefan Voda districts of Moldova.
L. Skakun (Belarus) noted the need for maximum visualization of the project and modern communication strategies. Specifically: working with the media (press events, conferences, tours, releases, newsletters, etc.), promoting content on social networks and online resources, engaging a wide audience during events. She drew attention to a set of efforts aimed at bringing the basic ideas and links of the project to the target audience and the requirements for photos and videos of the events.
We are grateful to all the participants and especially for the coordination of the GC Belarus.
Such meetings give the opportunity to work more closely and more effectively with the project participants and fulfill the desigtned tasks, as well as brainstorm new ideas and perspective directions of work within the project.


The project is part of the EU4Youth initiative, which supports employment opportunities and the active position of young people in six EaP countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

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