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EU4Youth “Network of Business Incubators “School Garden”

One of the main tasks of modern education is the acquisition of relevant knowledge and practical skills to realize one’s capabilities in the face of constant and rapid changes. A promising area of activity is entrepreneurship in the field of organic farming.

An example of successful work in the Zhytomyr region is the Vyshevitsky Lyceum, which was identified as the pivotal educational institution in the implementation of the EU4Youth project “Network of Business Incubators “ School Garden”. Within the framework of the project, thanks to the support of the donor and partners, a 260 sq.m. greenhouse was built, which serves as a platform for obtaining practical training and improving production skills in the preparation of graduates and obtaining blue-collar occupations, as well as obtaining additional material resources to improve material and technical base of the Lyceum and its cooperation with other educational institutions.

To achieve the set tasks and educational goals, the Vyshevitsky Lyceum began to introduce specialized training for senior students. For this purpose, agreements on joint cooperation were signed with the Zhytomyr Agrotechnical College and the State University "Zhytomyr Polytechnic". Thanks to cooperation with the college, lectures on agricultural technology of plant cultivation are conducted for students of the Lyceum, and university lecturers from the Department of Digital and International Economics conduct lectures on entrepreneurship. Such cooperation allows lyceum students not only to acquire relevant knowledge in the field of organic farming, but to use it in practice, joining entrepreneurship in this area.

This year, within the framework of the “School Garden” project with the support of Green Cross Ukraine, the Vyshevitsky Lyceum, based on its business incubator, developed and implemented a project to grow 6,500 Dutch Kung Fu tulip bulbs. The idea of this initiative came from the principal of the Vyshevitsky Lyceum, Vasily Martynyuk and his team, who calculated a business project on growing flowers for the 8 March holiday.

The purpose of this event is to present school social entrepreneurship in action: planning, business plan, strategy. This allowed children to develop their abilities, talents and skills in agricultural technology for growing and forcing plants in greenhouses, as well as gaining valuable experience and new knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship. The project was aimed at teaching children to think big, to see opportunities where others do not see them, to show in practice all the subtleties and risks of this work, and most importantly, that the basis of any business is the social component. Total 13 people, both teachers and students took part in the project initiative.

On the eve of March 8, representatives of the Green Cross Ukraine, headed by the Chairman of the Board Yuriy Sapiga, visited the Lyceum to get acquainted with the results of the work and see the achievements of the students in the Lyceum. The project became successful and profitable, in 2 days the grown tulips were sold at the Dicentra wholesale center in Kyiv. The funds received were distributed (1 UAH from each tulip) intended and already transferred for the five-year-old Veronica Marushchak, who lives in Malin and needs an urgent operation, the rest of the funds will be used to improve the material and technical base of the educational institution, as well as landscaping the territory, arrangement of bicycle parking, etc.).

We are happy to render help and support schools that strive to change and improve the educational environment, provide high-quality, necessary knowledge to the younger generation. We observe how new opportunities appear in the education and training system and educational institutions are ready to implement interesting and promising projects, such as EU4Youth “Network of Business Incubators “School Garden” for the development of modern agricultural entrepreneurship, professional and social development of youth in the poor and needy in helping rural settlements ”.


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