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Good and sunny summer day, Ukrainians.

For Ukrainians, February 24 has lasted more than three months.

The Ukrainian people are holding their ground and are holding on thanks to our friends and partners from all over the world.

Three days - that's how long Russian President Vladimir Putin planned to take over Ukraine.

We are trying to continue our work and to help all categories of people in need: displaced people who were forced to leave their destroyed homes, mothers with children, widows, the elderly and the wounded.

We are addressed not only by official structures, state administrations and hospitals, but also by ordinary people who are trying to survive in these conditions despite having nothing, or having only what they have managed to take.
All resettlers and refugees who have lost their homes need our constant help and support in all vital areas of life.


The most important thing is the rehabilitation and feeding of people and children, the providing of shelter and protection, and psychological assistance.This is the priority area that is urgently needed and requires your support. Yes, exactly yours, our dear and respectable friends and partners. Show solidarity and support financially and in this way, help the families and children who suffered from this war and who need our help so much.

We are trying to find and use every opportunity, so we are making our best efforts and involving other organizations (such as Mercy Fars), churches, local volunteers and government authorities.

Support for the military hospital in Uzhgorod is desperately needed, this was discussed during our meeting with the chairman of the Zakarpattia Regional Council, Volodymyr Volodymyrovych Chubyrko, where it was clearly stated what priorities and tasks need to be focused on.

Rehabilitation and recovery of families and children from the cities of Slavutych, Chernihiv, Mariupol, Irpin, Bucha and others is the main need and the primary task for our common humanitarian mission.

Especially important for the rehabilitation is the construction of the Center of Psychological and Physical Rehabilitation in the city of Shayan on the territory of the sanatorium "Karpatia", the head of which is Sugai Andriy Andriyovich, who is planning to build the center, together with our organization, donors and philanthropy. We have started our work together, and we are confident that it will be successful and necessary for our people, families and most importantly, for war-affected children and soldiers. It is planned to give free use of land for 30 years to those who can join this cooperation. We are also considering other possible options for cooperation, as we are open to dialogue with anyone who wants to join this noble cause. 

The prospects and plans for our mutual activities include the realization and construction of this new rehabilitation center, which will be able to perform the functions of rehabilitation and treatment. 

All the documentation is ready and is waiting for investors for this good and extremely necessary thing for the Ukrainian people.
The new center will be able to receive more than 120 patients, families and children to improve their psychological and physical health and provide all the necessary medical assistance and rehabilitation.

It is extremely important to continue the work we have already done at the "Edem" centre in the village of Tereblya, which currently hosts resettled people (97 people, including 35 children). We are working with other refugees now, but our capacities are not that strong and that is why we are appealing to all our partners and friends to continue and financially support our collaboration.

The Green Cross Ukraine team raised funds and organized the purchase of a “Fiat” car, which was donated to a military hospital in the Zakarpattia region. Another car, a “Mitsubishi”, was donated for the needs of the territorial defense of Kyiv.

Every day we continue to help people in need by providing them with food and medicine, but the need still exists.
Feeding and providing all sanitary and humanitarian standards for families and children is a desperately needed mission.

This video of a displaced woman from the city of Dnipro, who is now in the Zakarpattia region, was filmed by me personally: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QnxmWRGqHA

We are preparing to receive children from the hot spots of Ukraine and to offer health improvement and rehabilitation in the city of Shayan at the sanatorium-resort base "Karpatia" (18-21 days).

We plan to organize 4 shifts with 50 children and 5 caregivers this year.

We are also considering other options for the recovery and rehabilitation of children and families.

Recreation complex "Shayan Mountain" is located in Shayan village, 1.5 km from the center of Shayan, 800 m to the pump room with mineral water.

The mineral water "Shayan-242" is carbonic, siliceous, low mineralization, hydrocarbonate-sodium, slightly acidic, cold. General mineralization - 3,06 g/l, temperature - 17 °С.
"Shayan-4"" mineral water is carbonate, hydrocarbonate calcium-sodium, siliceous, magnesium, with medium mineralization, slightly acidic, cold. Total mineralization - 5.2 g/l, temperature - 16 ° C. It is not available for sale in the mass market, because outside the subsoil it loses its qualities after a few hours.
These mineral waters have therapeutic effects when used for drinking. They have a detergent effect (they dissolve mucus, which covers the mucosa) and then cause an anti-inflammatory effect on the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract, stimulate bile formation and excretion, reduce hydrostatic pressure in the duodenum, improve the outflow of pancreatic juice.
Shayan mineral waters have a stimulating effect on the intestines. Reducing hydrostatic pressure in the parenchymatous organs (in particular the liver and pancreas) creates conditions for improving the functioning of the last.
They also have the ability to acidify the internal environment of the body, that is suitable for the pathogenetic treatment of all forms of acidosis. The presence of silicon and magnesium provides their diuretic effect. Methacremnic acid is one of the most effective natural adaptogens.

Shayan mineral waters - indications for use:
Gastroenterological diseases: esophagitis, gastritis, duodenitis, colitis (non-infectious), stomach ulcer, 12 duodenal ulcer, cholecystitis, cholangitis, hepatitis, pancreatitis;
Diseases of the urinary system: urolithiasis (without renal colic), chronic pyelonephritis, cystitis, conditions after surgery on the kidneys and urinary tract;
Diabetes mellitus type I-II, mild, moderate and severe in the phase of stable compensation, subcompensation;
Diseases of the musculoskeletal system: arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis;
Metabolic disorders;
Psychological rehabilitation.

Show solidarity and don't stand aside of those who need our support and help right now!

Yuriy Sapiga

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Thank you for your interest in our organization.

We are open for constructive dialogue and cooperation, and we also hope for your support.

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