SOCMED 2020 Program Activities

The Green Cross continues its activities in Ukraine and is grateful to all partners and colleagues for their support and coordination.
Despite difficult situations, we try to continue our work in the framework of statutory activities, tasks and obligations to partners.
In 2019, an audit was conducted in the organization and following the recommendation of auditors and lawyers, additions were made to the organization’s Charter.
Understanding and realizing all the relevance of social assistance for Ukrainian families, the Board of Directors and members of the organization decided to continue their activities.

After consultations and recommendations from the competent organizations, medical specialists and administrations and the people themselves who live in the territories affected by the Chernobyl accident, we realize that there are still many problems and this situation negatively affects the population who live in environmentally disadvantaged territories. Due to the changing situation and the difficulties encountered in the country, the social status and financial situation of most families are deteriorating, the incidence among the population, and especially among children and youth, continues to grow.
For this reason, the Green Cross in Ukraine continues to direct its efforts to carrying out activities to ensure effective project work in the provision of social, medical and educational assistance.
Thanks to a long-term partnership with Green Cross Switzerland, as well as due to established cooperation in the regions during 2019-2020, all necessary measures were taken to stabilize the situation, restore the organization’s activities and financial position. Green Cross Switzerland continues to be focused on the implementation of major projects in Belarus, Ukraine and Vietnam. SOCMED projects have been and remain the basis of the international activity of Green Cross Switzerland, which allows the Green Cross to have the opportunity to develop.
In order to build an effective partnership and strengthen cooperation for 2020-2023, Green Cross Switzerland organized and conducted a three-day workshop, which was held in late February in Zurich, Switzerland. SOCMED member countries prepared their reports, presented SWOT analyses, made presentations, jointly discussed the vision and further steps to develop project activities in each country. Individual sessions were held where working approaches, organizational structure, legal topics were reviewed, the possibilities of expanding projects and introducing new areas of activity were stipulated. During meetings and negotiations, Yuriy Sapiga, the Chairman of the GCU Board suggested to the management of Green Cross Switzerland and the Board of Trustees to consider the new areas of joint work and sign new cooperation contracts lasting 3 years, which will guarantee the effectiveness of the planned events and achieve positive dynamics and growth of high-quality and quantitative indicators as a result of SOCMED intervention.
In subsequent years, the implementation of Green Cross projects within the International SOCMED program will be aimed at improving the health and quality of life of the population, assistance to hospitals and rural residents, schools and boarding schools remains a priority.
To eliminate the negative impact of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident, relevant measures remain:
• recreation and socio-psychological rehabilitation of the child population;
• disease prevention and health promotion;
• medical examination of the population and the provision of timely assistance and advice;
• conducting planned trips and medical examinations of children within the medical module;
• providing psychological, legal and counseling assistance to families and children;
• environmental education and upbringing (dissemination of knowledge about a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and environmental protection);
• information work on the Chernobyl theme (various actions, events, publications, scientific work).
Since the beginning of the year, Green Cross Ukraine has been actively promoting the activities of the Green Cross, has strengthened cooperation with local public organizations, medical institutions, educational institutions, has established new partnerships, a number of cooperation contracts and agreements have been signed. International cooperation for the implementation of joint projects is being strengthened.
Green Cross Ukraine is always open for constructive dialogue with various organizations, interested foundations, groups and communities who care about the future of children in Ukraine.

Tatiana Ishchenko
GCU Executive Project Coordinator

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