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SOCMED in Ukraine during pandemic situation

Thanks to the cooperation, coordination and financial support of Green Cross Switzerland, together with partners in Ukraine, Green Cross Ukraine continues its activities within the International of Social and Medical Care Program (SOCMED). However, the planned events and work in the regions were influenced by the situation related to the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Now the tasks of the organization have expanded even more.

Family "Mother and Child" clubs continue to operate in 3 regions (Zhytomyr region, Chernigov region (Repki village) and the city of Slavutich (and nearby villages)). In the present conditions, the activity is especially necessary, since people experience moral and material pressure in the context of the epidemic, many families do not have a livelihood due to the closure of the industries where the families worked. Families need support and qualified help. Many families do not have sufficient material support, unemployment, especially in rural areas. Assistance to the established social cooperatives, and educational work among families, teaching families and children the basics of a healthy lifestyle, raising awareness of the population, measures to improve health, and improving the socio-economic state remains relevant. Children's health is an important and meaningful support. There is a need to provide work, jobs and small business development for people who have migrated from the Donetsk region and people in villages living in 3-4 Chernobyl zones without work, there is a need for training social entrepreneurship in the regions where the Green Cross operates.

The coordinators, if necessary, carry out work in families, provide information and training materials, reminders, and, if possible, humanitarian aid. Efforts are directed to ensure that families can receive social, psychological, legal, humanitarian assistance, medical advice. Work is underway with vulnerable categories of people who, for health reasons, cannot leave their homes. Whenever possible, volunteers of the clubs help to deliver food and necessary goods to those who are on self-isolation. In April-May, with the help of partners, children had the opportunity to receive vitamin support. The work of the clubs, meetings were held online, using software as far as possible.

Green Cross Ukraine continues its partnership with the Zhytomyr Regional Children's Clinical Hospital. Doctors are working in the hospital, providing medical assistance, consultations, outpatient treatment. Thanks to cooperation and joint activities within the framework of the SOCMED program, it is possible to help and provide assistance to the population in need, to update equipment for better diagnosis of diseases, which is very important for the definition and detection of diseases.

GCU extends cooperation with the National Ecology and Nature Centerç The Parostok magazine was issued, informative articles were prepared by Green Cross Ukraine.

The 35th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster is approaching. Already now, Green Cross Ukraine, together with partners in the regions, have begun preparing and planning events to meet with people who were directly involved in the liquidation of the accident in 1986, to visit together those places where life stood still after the Chernobyl tragedy, to meet with our international friends, who have supported the activities of the Green Cross in Ukraine all these years. We hope that everything planned will come true.


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