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Solidarity of the Swiss Confederation and Green Cross Switzerland

Our dear friends!

We would like to inform you today that by the decision of the mayor of Slavutych – Yuri Fomichev, as well as the deputies and community of the City of Slavutych – the Member of the Swiss Parliament, Director General of GREEN CROSS Switzerland Martin Bäumle became an Honorary Citizen of Slavutych on March 17, 2022 and is awarded the Order "For a significant contribution to the rescue people's lives in wartime in Ukraine".


Martin Bäumle noted that this is an honor not only for him, but a great honor for all of us in Switzerland and the merit of the board of directors and trustees of the GCCH, sponsors and donors, as well as every citizen in Switzerland, who continue to believe in us, in the Ukrainian people, and in Ukraine. People who can now give support by expressing their solidarity and providing financial aid for families and volunteers who are doing everything to save and alleviate the suffering of children and the needy category of the population in Ukraine. 

Also, Martin Bäumle noted – "we would like to continue to help and strengthen the position of Switzerland as a leading world economic center and partner and contribute to improving the quality of life of people not only in our country. I am grateful to our entire Team in Switzerland and the Team in Ukraine for their solidarity and work” – Martin Bäumle noted in his speech during the next coordination meeting. 

Yuriy Sapiga – the Founder of the Green Cross Ukraine, by his personal example, together with his team, remain in Ukraine, in Kyiv. They organize purchases and deliver food and medical supplies to both the civilian population and military hospitals using their own vehicles. They organized 2 field kitchens and meals (for over 2,500 people every day) in schools for children and families who hide in basements and bomb shelters from missile attacks. 

GCU coordinators and volunteers continue their mission and work in the regions of Ukraine for those in need. 

During the coordination meeting on 18 of March, 2022y. it was decided to support and organize a center for refugees from Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region, where 76 people are currently located, including mothers and children. 

It is planned to organize 2 more points for refugees for 40 and 12 people. At these points, it is also planned to organize the supply of hot food and water for families who are temporarily staying in these centers and plan to travel to Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Germany, and Hungary over time.

The GCU bus has already been able to take the first multi-child family of 7 people to Transcarpathia. 

“Now the most important thing is to feed the children and all the people who are hiding from the war” –  Yuriy Sapiga and the entire GCU team addressed Martin Bäumle and the GCCH Board of Directors with such a request. The decision was made immediately. It is very important that the decision and financial assistance is sent immediately, the next day to Ukraine, without creating expectations, illusions and false promises. This is important and valuable especially now and always in life. Thank you, our partners and friends.

We ask you to continue coordinating and assisting in financial provision and support, in acquiring the most necessary things for Ukrainian families now – the supply of bread, water, food, medicines and equipment for children's hospitals and military hospitals. This is only the most necessary and vital. 

The main thing we need is your indifference, compassion and solidarity, which you give us and have always provided. 

All of us, and especially families and children in Slavutych, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr, in Transcarpathia appreciate and feel your care and love. 

We are not alone.

We have you, with your trust and care, love and solidarity.

Many human thanks from all of us, from those who receive help and inspiration from your support.

Yuriy Sapiga - the Founder of GCU in Ukraine.

March 22, 2022 KYIV UKRAINE

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