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Support and help of the Switzerland Confederation continues

On July 4-5, 2022, the Ukraine Recovery Conference (URС 2022) began in the city of Lugano.

First of all, the Conference plans to highlight the progress of reforms in Ukraine and discuss further reform priorities.

Considering the full-scale Russian war against Ukraine that began on February 24, 2022, Ukraine and Switzerland have jointly decided to continue organizing the conference, but to focus on a higher priority in the current situation.

The Lugano event was renamed to the Conference on Recovery of Ukraine, which, among other things, will include reforms necessary for it.


Lugano became a unique opportunity for Ukraine to talk about the draft Recovery Plan and to adjust its interaction with international partners in order to develop the best possible response to the enormous challenges.

Ukraine and Switzerland initiate a broad political process for Ukraine's recovery.

URC 2022 became the international start of the rebuilding process of the country.

Recovery is an enormous challenge that sets a massive and global task for all of us.

In order to help our country get back on its feet and seize the opportunity to modernize it, there must be close coordination and commitment to implement the planned activities.

The development and reconstruction plan includes the methods, priorities and principles of reconstruction.
Social, economical, ecological and infrastructural recovery from the damage and losses caused by the war. Reforms that are possible and necessary in the current situation.

Swiss Confederation has intentions to invest in Ukrainian "green" projects.

Switzerland after Ukrainian victory in the war will invest in the realization of Ukrainian public and private climate "green" reconstruction projects. The corresponding agreement was signed in Lugano, at the Conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine.

These are projects in the fields of electricity, heating, industry, transport, construction, agriculture and wastes. Ukrainian businesses will have access to lucrative investments to implement projects that will help reduce carbon emissions and move forward the green transformation of the country.

In exchange for green investments, Switzerland will receive verified climate change mitigation results from Ukraine.

It is already important to think about the development of Ukraine and to make all possible efforts to end this war.

GCU Founder
Yuriy Sapiga


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