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We are Ukrainians, but first of all we are people!

Our dear friends and partners, 

Our dear people who do not know me and our Team so well, but still believe us, want and can continue to help refugees and IDPs, children and families together with us from Irpin, Bucha, Kherson, Mariupol, Kyiv, Donetsk and Luhansk regions, as well as from other cities and villages of Ukraine, in which the occupation by Russian soldiers takes place. 

The places inhabited by civilians who want to live in their own country.

Russia does not abandon its plans to capture all of Ukraine, including Kyiv, - said the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Anna Maliar, on the air of the telethon.
However, we all know that this will never happen.
She noted that the hot phase of the war is now continuing.


Yes, it's difficult. Yes, it's not easy.
However, we know who we are and love our country.
Our victory is close and therefore we continue to do everything for it and devote our whole lives for this victory over the enemy.

We welcome any help from volunteers and humanitarian aid and do not refuse from financial support for those people who do not ask, but are in need of everything.

Tomorrow, at the border we are preparing to receive cargo for hospitals, maternity hospitals, territorial defense, pensioners, children and families. 

I personally and our entire team ask you to be and most importantly remain Ukrainians.

I, together with a part of the Green Cross team, are now near the border and are looking forward to the humanitarian cargo: food and medicine, which are important and necessary for hundreds of thousands of families now.

Since the beginning of the war, the Green Cross of Ukraine has been feeding more than 650 people every day in its field kitchen in Kyiv and on the territory of one of the Kyiv schools. In order to be able to feed people, our volunteers prepare more than 300 liters of hot first and second courses daily. 
After the people who were under occupation in Bucha and nearby cities were released, the Green Cross of Ukraine feeds more than 200 families every day who were under this horrific occupation.

In addition, thanks to solidarity and timely involvement, 21,500 people in the city of Slavutych have the opportunity to eat fresh bread.

A very large part of our assistance is carried out on the territory of the Transcarpathian region. About 450 refugees from various parts of our Ukraine get accommodation and food completely free of charge at the Shayan Hora, Chervona Ruta, and Opryshki centers, which were previously intended for recreation.
This week, the Team and I delivered humanitarian cargo, which consisted of food, medicines, and essentials to the village of Chetyrboki, Khmelnitsky region.

It's not easy for all of us.
For soldiers in the trenches, for mothers and families, for volunteers and ordinary civilians.
However, we know and believe, we do not hope, but we believe in the end of this terrible war, which will very soon be ended by our, yes, namely our victory.
The victory of the Ukrainian people.

Spending two weeks in the Transcarpathian region, I saw even more and realized for myself that we ourselves can do more than we are doing now.

In this regard, I urge and ask those owners of recreation centers, tourist bases and sanatoriums, who for some reason stopped and reduced their activities, to open their doors and hearts to those people who now need the basic stuff: compassion and human respect to the grief they feel now, having lost everything they had.

Nevertheless, most importantly, they have not lost their big heart and honor, nobility and dignity, love for their homeland and families.
Everything starts small in life.
Lend a helping hand to those who need your support, so that tomorrow you will not be ashamed to look into the eyes of your children and family, so that you do not die of shame and pain from your indifference and ignorance, from stupidity and from simple disrespect for those in need.

We are all children of God and we all ask now, right now, to remember this and think about the deeds, words and actions that you, Ukrainians, can still do for those families who expect only compassion and understanding from you.With respect and hope that many understood me and read between the lines what I wanted to say for those who closed their business and shut down, to those who do not want or do not know how to lend a helping hand and share only a small part of their wealth and abundance with those who needs it from you now.

Good will win over!
We will defeat this evil very soon.

Yuriy Sapiga.

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