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We introduce knowledge into business

Green Cross Ukraine, together with the National Ecology and Nature Center (NENC), partners in the Zhytomyr and Chernihiv regions, continue to implement the EU4Youth: School Garden for the Development of Agricultural Entrepreneurship project, funded by the European Union.

An important part of the project is the development of local initiative and spreading the knowledge about the basics of economic mechanisms, price formation, costs and revenues calculations; training in sales secrets, marketing techniques, leadership and entrepreneur skills. To understand the practical importance of such knowledge and an incentive to study this range of school issues - the network participants took part in the competition of school business ideas “School Garden. From Idea to School Business ”, which was organized by the public organization Green Cross Belarus. Schools were asked to find, formulate and implement an economically promising idea, which was financially supported by the project.

The competition was attended by Repki secondary school of I-III degrees No. 2 (Chernihiv region) and Vyshevitsky Lyceum (Zhytomyr region). In Repki, under the leadership of Natalya Krutchenko and other teachers, a team of schoolchildren successfully completed the task. The application passport "Spring in every home" was jointly written, choosing the cultivation of environmentally friendly products in the off-season. On the basis of the greenhouse, green onions, dill, radishes, tomato and cabbage seedlings were grown and sold. Guided tours of the experimental site and greenhouse were also organized. As part of this initiative, participants took part in local fairs, where they talked about the project and the participation of schoolchildren in the School Garden project. As a result, the students of the school strengthened their skills in growing plants in the greenhouse and on the school grounds, gained the skill of selling grown products and profits.

Vyshevitsky Lyceum in its business initiative also chose the direction of organic agriculture and marketing. Schoolchildren and youth were actively involved in entrepreneurship. 1 ton of Stuttgart onions were planted in the greenhouse. They got a good harvest, the products were sold in the local market and wholesalers, and a profit was made.

In the course of the initiative, the students were introduced to the basics of economic literacy, practically applied economic calculations and marketing rules. Interaction and collaboration between schools, teachers, students, their families and local communities has expanded.

In the future, to create start-ups, Green Cross Ukraine intends to attract business partners, curators, consultants for the development of school incubators and to create a center Training for trainers on the basis of the NENC.




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