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Within the European Union's international technical assistance project of "School Garden", which aims to create a network of production incubators for modern entrepreneurship, professional and social growth of young people in needy rural settlements, Green Cross Ukraine facilitates cooperation with the National Ecology and Nature Center of student youth under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The purpose of the School Garden project is to promote employment opportunities for young people living in rural areas and their active participation in society and the economy, through the development of modern work skills, organizational and entrepreneurial skills, promotion of professional competencies.

On the basis of NENC has the opportunity and necessary conditions to receive not only national but also international delegations, therefore a full-fledged training center has been opened for the ability to hold various trainings, seminars and conferences.

To this end, thanks to the financial support of the European Union Green Cross Ukraine renovated and equipped two classrooms in the educational building of the National Ecology and Nature Center. New windows, modern doors, lighting and modern energy-saving lamps, heating radiators were installed. The classrooms are equipped with new and comfortable furniture for students, screens and multimedia will be installated in the near future.

This will provide an additional opportunity for students to learn and share experiences in school entrepreneurship, marketing, organic farming, to design and implement their business ideas. As, for example, the experience of school entrepreneurship, one of the active project participants - "Vyshevytsky Lyceum", Zhytomyr region https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDz11eFztLI

The modern training center will allow to expand and involve more students in the project "EU4Youth: School Garden" and will make the project popular all over Ukraine and develop it to international status.




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